Catherine has “remodeled” our home twice, first when we originally bought and 10 years later when it was time to “update”, as well as many times in between when we have called on her for guidance when considering certain smaller changes or purchases. Her vision and ability to see things “as they could be” is special. How she took her original design when we bought, into our updated design last year was unbelievable. The day we walked into our new home with what she had done originally brought us to tears, but this latest design was even greater. Her use of colors throughout the house combined with certain accent colors, her eye for the little things like rugs, lamps, chandeliers, hardware, and furniture are things that one never thinks about yet make so much difference. She totally transformed a home we totally loved for the first 10 years into what seems like a new home that we will love even more now and in the future. And most important, during the process we always had an idea of what was happening and time frames involved, what inconveniences may be around the corner and how long they would last. She was on site every day to oversee and make sure everything went as she wanted. Her talent speaks for itself in everything she does around your home, and her pride in how the finished product looks makes you feel as if it is her home, not yours. We feel very lucky and blessed to have Catherine as our designer.

James and Rene’ Beavers